25 August 2011

Whoopee!! More Books!!!

'Tis true. I went shopping at Borders today and bought more books.

The last thing I really needed to do was purchase more books, but I just couldn't resist. The email from Borders this morning announcing additional discounts was too good to pass up. PLUS......there were books that I put back last time and was annoyed with myself for having done so. So, I figured this was the universe telling me I had a second chance at some good reads and that today was the day to do it.

As I was last week, I am pretty excited about my purchases, including the book I put back last time that I wished I hadn't. AND, they had one copy of a book I have gone back and worth about for months as to whether or not I wanted to read it (and not the local library does not carry a copy, I've already checked). I mean seriously, how is that not a sign that I was supposed to go book shopping today (I may or may not still be trying to justify the purchases--whatever).

So yeah....I think I have managed to sufficiently purchase enough items to get me through the end of the year (I still have 13 books to go before I hit my goal of 60 books for 2011!) but I'm not ruling out another trip before the store closes its doors for good.

From top to bottom: Love is a Mix Tape: Life & Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin, BS of A by Brian Sack, The Big Rewind: A Memoir Brought to You by Pop Culture by Nathan Rabin and Confession of a Buddhist Atheist by Stephen Batchelor

Oh and rumor has it that a new book store will be moving into the space Borders is leaving which makes this reader a very happy girl!


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