29 October 2012

Music Monday: Dave Barnes

One of my favorite "Hey.....guess who I met stories!" is about Dave Barnes.

It was after his set when he opened for Bonnie Raitt. My mom was trying to take our photograph but when he went to put his arm around my shoulder he stopped, stepped back and said "Wow.....you smell really good." I will never change my perfume because of that one moment.

With that...today I give you some of my favorite songs by Mr. Barnes.

Little Lies

Nothing Fancy

On A Night Like This

28 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: WS, Life, Elementary

World Series: Tonight is potentially the last game the Detroit Tigers will play this 2012 baseball season. Regardless of how the game tonight ends, I am so unbelievably proud of the team and everything they have accomplished. Sure the season might not end the way us fans want it to, but I'm choosing to focus on what went right instead of what went wrong and can't WAIT to see what these guys are able to accomplish in 2013!

Life In General: Do ya'll have one of those days or this case weekends where nothing and I mean NOTHING goes the way it is supposed to? That is kind of how this weekend has gone here. I feel like I  am being pulled in twenty different directions by twenty different people and my best just isn't good enough.....for any of them. I'd really like a do-over but since that isn't going to happen, I suppose a few glasses of wine and maybe some tears will have to do.

Elementary: I don't want to, but I REALLY love this show. Sure it's kind of a big departure from the traditional Sherlock Holmes tales that I simply love and adore, but saying that I like this one kind of makes me feel like I am cheating on Benedict Cumberbatch and his version of Holmes, who lets face it, is my perfect, dysfunctional dude.

27 October 2012

Out and About: A Fall Day

I took a break from all things domestic (a.k.a. cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc.) and spent the afternoon at the cottage. It was much, much colder than I thought it would be but it was still nice to get out and enjoy some of this brilliant fall weather we have been having.



22 October 2012

Music Monday: Too Close

It is absolutely ridiculous how much I love this song. And it's really fun to sing along with, because as we all know, I'm an awesome singer.....when I'm alone in the shower.

Happy Monday everyone!

21 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: A Dude. A Hoard. Writing. Photography

A Dude: This has the potential to be super awkward, but it's cool. Awkward is kind of my middle name. I kind of met someone and I kind of fancy him. Like a lot. It's a damn giggle fest every time my phone dings and I have a text from him. And when we make plans to hang out--I can't wipe the grin off my face. It is completely ridiculous  but I am most definitely not complaining. I really like spending time with him. But there is a problem: this whole thing scares the crap out of me.  Mostly because I don't know if he feels the same way but also because I don't know what the hell I am doing. I'm like a damn fish out of water. It's really easy to be alone and not open yourself up to someone, to let things get personal/intimate. I'm great at the friend thing and he is the first person in a long time that I don't want to just be friends with--if you know what I mean. I can imagine him sitting in front of his computer right now reading this, having one of two reactions--He's either scowling at it wondering why I can't just say any of that to him when we hang out (the answer: I will turn 20 shades of red, giggle my way through it and end up not making any sense) or he's scowling at it, shaking his head and trying to figure out how to end it. 

Hoarding: A couple weeks ago I mentioned a slight addiction to Old Navy and books. I think I should just go ahead and admit that it's worse than that. I joke with friends all the time that I am one emotional event from becoming a hoarder. After digging through piles of clothes to donate, I'm not so sure it is really a joke anymore. I have got to downsize. It just might not be until next week or so.....

Writing: NaNoWriMo is a mere 10 days away. I kind of what to participate again, but I also know that it is very unlikely that I'll be able to complete the 50,000 word goal. November is the worst month of the year in my (work) world and as much as I want to get my creative writing on, I'm not sure I want to set myself up for that kind of failure right from the word go. Of course, knowing me I'll be posting how excited I am that I've already outlined a story for the project. 

Photographically Speaking: I miss my camera. I go through these weird phases where it seems like no matter what I try to photograph or how I try to photograph it, it never works out. I'm in one of those phases right now and it's really frustrating and annoying. Normally, when I get in one of these "funks", I'll try starting some sort of project so I may need to think about doing just that. 

15 October 2012

Music Monday: The Beatles

My first love as a music fan was The Beatles. My dad and I used to sing their songs in the car all the time. And they were always on my request list when my parents had friends over for sing-alongs.

This week I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Across the Universe

I Feel Fine

Paperback Writer

And my absolute favorite song from The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

14 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: Blogging, Exams and Birthday

I'm A Bad Blogger: My apologies dear readers. Things have been pretty quiet around these parts. I'd kind of like to blame it on working a lot of hours and watching a lot of late night baseball, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Thankfully though, the truth does not include a lack of having things to write about. Quite the contrary actually, it's just that what I really want to write about, what I really want to share that is making me giggle like a twelve year old at a Jonas Brothers concert is something I'm not totally sure is appropriate too share. I have a feeling I'd post it and would get a response from someone that simply read "Too soon."

Examinations: In less than six weeks, I was supposed to take my PHR (Professional Human Resources Certification) exam. It's not going to happen. November is the worst month of the year where I work (I don't know what I was thinking) but because I'm already registered, I have to take it by the end of January or else I'm out $400 for nothing. I am absolutely terrified of taking this exam. I don't talk about my job much, but I'm good at it. I know my stuff. But I'm terrible....TERRIBLE when it comes to tests. And this is one of those tests where they give you four options to pick from and you have to pick the best one. The thought of it makes me want to throw up. But it'll be fine. I'll take the extra time to study and hope that it's enough. 

Happy Birthday: Tomorrow is my thirty-third birthday and I'm not looking forward to it. Not because I'm going to be thirty-three. Age isn't all that big of a deal to me (that and apparently no one believes me when I tell them how old I am anyway). I just don't like birthdays. They make me nervous. Kind of itchy. Plus, my parents are off on a little adventure to Rochester, MN and I don't like to burden my friends when I'm feeling kind of needy/sad. Anyway, I'll be taking tomorrow off from work, maybe spend some time at the lake (if it's not too cold) and enjoy a mellow day.

08 October 2012

Music Monday: Of Monsters and Men

Love the harmonies in this song. And I absolutely adore....ADORE.....Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir voice.

Happy listening!

07 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: More Baseball, Shopping Addictions, Decisions

Baseball: Yep. More baseball!! The Tigers won the AL Central Division this past week and are in the playoffs. I am secretly (or not so secretly now) relieved that the Texas Rangers did not make the playoffs. Sorry Micah! They have owned Detroit's ass the last couple of season so them being knocked out in the Wild Card playoff game gives me a little extra hope that Detroit will go on to and win the World Series. Sure they have to get passed Oakland (who literally came out of nowhere this season!), but I'm doing my best to be optimistic. My predictions for the the playoffs are as follows: 
  • American League: Detroit beats Oakland in four/Baltimore beats New York in five. Detroit then beats Baltimore in six games to win the American League Title.
  • National League: San Francisco beats the Cincinnati in four/Washington beats St. Louis in four. San Francisco then beats Washington in five games to win the National League Title.
  • Detroit beats San Francisco in six games to win the 2012 World Series.
I sadly don't know much about the National League teams so those predictions essentially equate to drawing names out of a hat. We'll see how well my predictions turn out.

Shopaholics Anonymous:  I sometimes wonder if I have a true shopping addiction or just an addiction to Old Navy and bookstores. SERIOUSLY. I'm blaming all the shopping at Old Navy on the fact that less than half of my clothes from last winter fit thanks to losing what is apparently amounting to a significant amount of weight, but still--do I REALLY need five black cardigans?! Sure they are of varying styles and weights, but it might be time to walk away. As for the books......I have more of them than I know what to do with. The front room of my house looks like a bookstore threw up all over the place. Some of the stacks are teetering so high, all it would take is a light breeze to knock them down. Why aren't the on bookshelves, you may ask. Well, because there is no more room on the bookshelves and I am lacking in the space needed to house the required amount of bookshelves. Maybe I'll just make a bookshelf out of some of the books and call it good. That feels like a good compromise. 

Decision Time: I have kind of a big decision that needs to be made sometime within the next threeish weeks. I'd like to make it now, but it requires a conversation with someone that is going to super awkward. But it needs to happen because I need some closure. While I definitely want the conversation to go in one direction, I have a feeling it won't and it'll be disappointing.

04 October 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.--The Rolling Stones

I've been thinking about this concept the last few weeks, especially after being blown off by a friend when trying to share some pretty exciting news (or at least I think it's pretty awesome) before listening to her rant for 20 minutes about a problem that could have been solved with a 2 minute phone call.

As I sat there, listening to her (I love my friends, but sometimes I just want to ship a case of chill pills to their doorstep--this was one of those time), I started thinking about how hard it is to ask for what you need....not what you want, not your ultimate wish list, but what you need. From yourself, friends, family. I started to think about how at that moment, I needed something from her and for once it wasn't to be her support system or sounding board. I started thinking about how I needed her to at least fake happiness for me (even if she wasn't feeling it) instead of shrugging her shoulders and saying "Well....I mean if you think that's best, whatever".

By nature, I want to take care of everyone. I want to make sure everyone is o.k. I have spent a lifetime putting my friends and family before me. I always makes sure they have what they need, they are happy, have someone to lean on. I have spent more time worrying more about the problems of everyone else and working out how to fix them for them before worrying about my own situation.

I've spent nearly my entire life afraid that if I were to put myself first, afraid that if I were to ask for a little bit more-a little more love, time, consideration, understanding, I would be considered to be self center, selfish, narcissistic and brushed aside or looked down upon.

I spent some time this week writing down not only some of the things that I need to start asking more of from those around me but why I need them as well. It ended up being a really difficult exercise. One that left me feeling a little more vulnerable than I anticipated. Partially from just the simple unfamiliarity of really focusing on myself but also the fear of what people might think if they saw the list--would they think I was weak or being selfish? Or would they understand and simply ask "how can I help?"

01 October 2012

Music Monday: Crossroads

Way back in 2007, my friend Heather and I went to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago. It was the single most amazing musically involved day of my life as the music Gods were looking down upon us. Through nothing but sheer luck, we ended up in front (approximately third row)  for the entire festival. It. Was. Amazing.

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Rosie by Doyle Bramhall II

Hell at Home by Sonny Landreth feat. Eric Clapton

John Mayer...ok....so this is almost his entire set, but if you look really closely you can see 
me groovin' in the crowd.

B.B. Kings toast to Eric Clapton which I dedicate to all my friends and readers!

Sweet Home Chicago

Thanks for reading!

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