30 August 2013


Anticipating//Today is the big day!! Today is the day I get my new tattoo!! I am quite certain there shall be loads of updates on both Instagram or Twitter should you wish to follow along. Otherwise you'll need to wait until next week for a proper post.

Reading//On Monday, I received a signed copy of Rock Island Rock from the author himself, Eyre Price. I've only just started the book so I'm reserving all judgement until I've completed it.

Listening//While Paradise Valley (John Mayer) and All People (Michael Franti & Spearhead) are still in pretty heavy rotation, this week I've been listening to A LOT of Free the Universe (Major Lazer). It's not an album that typically falls into any category of what I would "normally" listen to, but I dig it. I've been perfecting my dance moves all week.

Hooking//The production of crocheted animals has been in full force again! I have more unicorns and moose to make. I also just bought a pattern to make a minion that I am DYING to try out.

Organizing//I broke down and bought a fancy Moleskine planner to keep track of, well, my everything. If I'm going to make school work with a full time job and this here blog, organization is going to be uber important.

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29 August 2013

My body is my journal

and my tattoos are my story. --Johnny Depp

I love tattoos.

I love looking at them. Talking about them. Picking out designs for them. And hearing the story (if there is one) behind why someone decided to get one done.

I always have.

Every couple of months or so, I get the itch to get another one done. Most of the time, I'm able to ward off the urge to get more ink. In fact, the last time I had one done was 2009. The reasons for not getting one range from not having the extra cash to do so, not being able to totally commit to the design and/or location and not having a regular tattoo person to visit to get the work done.

Lately, that itch has been a little too hard to ignore and it's time to get a new one! And that is happening tomorrow. I'm so excited but ya'll will just have to wait until it's been completed.

One of the things I love the most about tattoos are the stories they can tell. And even in some cases, not tell. My tattoos fall into both categories.

Ladybug: This was my first tattoo. It's small and I tend to forget that I even have it. I got it done when I was 19 in my "I'm free and I'm young!" phase shortly after my first piercing. It's not the greatest--I went to a guy who actually had a really good reputation and had done previous pieces for friends but wasn't thrilled with having been asked to do "a little $40 job".

Flowers & Butterflies: Ahhh, yes. The dreaded "tramp stamp". I do love this one. When I had it done, I just wanted something girly and pretty. Not that you can tell from the black and white photo, but it's done in my favorite colors-blues and pinks. There are days when I think about trying to incorporate into a larger back piece but most days I am happy just the way it is.

Star: I got this one done when I was in New York back in 2001. My bff at the time (we are not longer bff's or even just an f anymore) and I had matching ones done. But it wasn't on purpose. I picked it out as it was going to eventually be colored and turned into a compass and she followed suit. But, like the one on my lower back, the longer I've had it "plain" the more I can't bring myself to change or add to it.

Peacock: This is the tattoo everyone loves, and I mean LOVES to touch. I am no longer phased by folks pulling on the straps of my tank tops or the neckline of certain shirts to get a better look at it. It is my favorite as well, so who can blame them. The decision to have this one done was pretty much a no brainer. I had been wanting to get a peacock done for awhile, but at the time didn't want a full color done (now of course, every time I see one that is done in full color a little part of me wishes I had taken that route). When I saw this design, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for and had it done.

And now I'm just a day away from having my next piece done and I can't wait. I'll be sure to share my next tattoo story as soon as it is done and healed, which thankfully shouldn't take long. This one is just a little something to tide me over until I work on my next (big) piece.

Do you have a tattoo story?
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26 August 2013

Music Monday: Michael Franti & Spearhead

I am super excited about all the positive responses I received here on the blog and also on Twitter about yesterdays post. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit like today's post is going to completely contradict everything I wrote. But hopefully I am wrong.

Q: What do you do when one of your favorite bands comes to your (figurative) backyard?

A: Freak out and send an email to your friends asking if they want to take a chance on your musical preferences and join you for the concert.

Remember the other day when I said I didn't write album reviews because I'm not all that good at it? The same goes for reviewing anything and mostly because I don't think about trying to "review" it until well after the event, which is why there aren't many photos other than Michael Franti & Spearhead (holy run-on sentence, Batman). Why I even try I just don't know, but here goes nothing.

**Editors Note**
Please keep in mind that while writing this, I am grinning like a damn FOOL.

Friday night, I, along with a couple of friends headed to the Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival in (obviously) Traverse City. This was the first time I had attended the festival and it was a blast! I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses, breweries and charities--throw in one of my favorite bands and this event was near perfection.

The festival was held at the Village at Grand Traverse Commons which used to be the Old State Hospital. This place is a photographers dream! And yes, someday I will actually get out there with my camera.

The Old State Hospital//Dinner from Seeds: Wood fired shiitake mushroom pizza with an Acoustic Mead//The evenings musical itinerary

We sampled a couple of the breweries and local foods. I opted for the shiitake mushroom pizza which used mushrooms from a farm in my hometown. And I of course had to have an Acoustic Mead while we were there. The Harmonic BzZz is my favorite, but the Cherry BzZz and JazZzBeRi BzZz are really good, too.

Me, Jen and Brittany before the show!

Obviously, the highlight of the evening was seeing Michael & Spearhead. This was my sixth show and they did not disappoint! They always put on a high energy show that keeps you jumping and dancing and moving the entire time they are on stage. They played a couple of my favorites and quite a few songs from the newest album, All People. It was an amazing night of live music!

The man himself, Michael Franti. 
J Boogie!
One of the things I appreciate the most about Michael Franti & Spearhead, is that they are all genuinely nice people. At other shows I have attened, I've played photographer so my friends could say 'hi' to him and thank him for the music. This time around I was extremely fortunate to be able to be the one the say hello and thank them for the incredible music and memories. I was over the moon when we had a chance to shake hands, get a couple hugs and have our pictures taken with them.

Me (looking super sweaty) and Jay
Franti, me and Jen
And because it wouldn't be a Music Monday post without some music, here is one of my favorite songs. Sadly, it's not from Friday night but it's still a great version of All I Want Is You.

Happy Monday, ya'll!
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25 August 2013

Sunday Confessions: Pet Peeves-The Music Edition

Happy Sunday ya'll!!

Taking a little different route today with this post. This weeks confessions are all about Pet Peeves: The Music Edition. Ya'll have been warned before--I'm a music snob to the MAX so none of this should be shocking.

Groupie Status: I HATE the world groupie. If you want to insult me and wound our friendship beyond repair, call me a groupie. I dare you. It is one of the worst insults someone could hurl at me. I don't understand why there is an automatic assumption that if a girl (i.e. me) likes a male musician (let's say John Mayer as he is a favorite) it means I want to jump his bones and make sweet, sweet love with him all night long. Ahhhhh......no. But if I guy likes a musician, male or female they have an appreciation for the music and "totally get what the musician is trying to get across". I get it--there is always a group of girls vying for backstage passes to meet the singer de jour, they are the super giggly ones up front doused in glitter, squealing each time they "make eye contact" but that is a small percentage of female population. They are the minority, not the majority. The rest of us are there because of the music--the lyrics, the guitar, the drums, the bass, the feeling it evokes and the memories it creates. Oooohh....that sounds like a lyric. Quick---somebody call Mayer! I've got his next hit started for him.

Musician Hotness Rating: I will lose respect for you if you don't like a musician because "they aren't hot (visually appealing to the eye)". I'll never forget the day I asked a friend if she'd heard Matt Nathanson's new album (Car Crash) and the first words out of her mouth were "Well, is he hot?" Really?!--someones hotness factor directly correlates to ones ability to write/create good music. I had no idea. Can someone invent the sarcasm font already?! This post is in desperate need of it.

Musician Hotness Rating V2.0: I'm not faulting anyone for saying a musician is "HOTT!" Since this is a day for confessions, I must admit that there is a certain fella who makes me weak in the knees and who I spent a greater part of Friday evening staring at while he shook what his mama gave him. BUT my liking his music and prowess on the guitar has nothing to do with his sexiness. It was two live shows before I was close enough to the stage to see what he even looked like. And even though he held my hand and called me sweetheart, I'm not naive enough to think he doesn't say that to all the girls and that doesn't make me love or hate (depending on how you, dear reader, choose to read that sentence) the music any less.

Band Names: This one confounds me beyond no other, especially when people proclaim "O.M.G. *Insert band name here* is my absolute favorite band!!!" but then completely forget there are band members beyond the lead singer. Like, really?! I don't understand who they think the other three or four guys are standing next to him are. Maroon 5 is more than just Adam Levine. Mumford & Sons is more than just Marcus Mumford. Just like The Beatles were more than John Lennon. Show some respect--all those guys work really hard to produce the music we love so in turn, let's give them some love, too!

So there you are.....my shortish list of grievances.

What do you have to confess?

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23 August 2013

OOTD: Concert Wear

Fashion isn't really word that fits into my vocabulary. At. All.

And OOTD posts rarely pop up here on the blog. That is mostly due to the fact that I rotate six outfits at work and the rest of the time am either squished into my workout gear or pants free. I don't own the most exciting of wardrobes.

But today I am throwing caution to the wind because sometimes it is fun to do. And how fortuitous that Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper is having a link-up on What To Wear at a Music Festival which is kind of what I am doing today, going to a music festival of sorts-not hosting a linkup.

Oh silly universe, you work in such mysterious ways sometimes.

This evening I am off to a little microbrew festival to see one of my favorite bands, Michael Franti & Spearhead along with some of my favorite people. This will be my sixth Franti show and I can't wait! They always put on a ridiculously fun show.

At some point in my old age, I abandoned any need for looking "cute" at a concert and/or festival and have opted for comfort. There really is nothing worse than standing in the sun for HOURS before shaking your groove thing while your favorite band(s) perform on stage while wearing something uncomfortable.

For tonights festival, of food, beer and music, I'm opting for super causal and comfortable--my favorite shirt, my favorite cutoffs and favorite boots. "Why boots?! Why not sandals?!" you may be asking. I've had too many toes stepped on to go with sandals at a GA show.

And I suppose I must confess, that after taking these photos I will need to readdress my decision to wear these shorts. They have apparently grown in size (or I've shrunk) as they are about two sizes too big and won't stay put. The last thing I need is to be jumping around an inadvertently moon someone.

This is my faux-rockstar pose while I try and figure out what Sadie has dug up and is attempting to eat from the compost pile. Oh, the life of a dog owner.

And of course, shades. One can't attend an event like this without their sunglasses. How you doin'?

What's your favorite thing to wear to a concert or music festival?

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is in fact what I ended up wearing to the festival!

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22 August 2013


Today is my Friday and I couldn't be more excited about it!

Anticipating//Tomorrow night I am off with some friends to see Michael Franti & Spearhead in concert....again. Yes, I just saw them in July, but they are literally coming to my backyard tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited about introducing my friends to their music.

Missing//My funny. I don't know where it went. One minute it is by my side and the next.....POOF! Gone. I'm thinking of sending out a search party and/or offering a reward. Because I'm funny dammit. You just wouldn't know it recently.

Frustrated//Why? Why are people such assholes?! This article on xojane.com is so frustrating to read: MY PICTURE WAS STOLEN AND TURNED INTO A FAT-SHAMING ANTI-FEMINIST MEME ON FACEBOOK. Who has time to sit around and try to come up with ways to demean people?! But I love that she is fighting back and doing what she can to turn a negative into a positive: We Are What Feminists Look Like.

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20 August 2013

Paradise Valley: Happy Album Release Day!

There is a reason I don't write actual album reviews.

I'm not very good at it.

I'm just a chick who totally digs music for reasons that aren't completely quantifiable. And who every so often likes to throw around a big vocabulary.

I sometimes feel like every time John Mayer comes out with new material or a new album I proclaim, "This is seriously the best yet! This is by far my favorite album!" I think that is really telling of both the musician and the listener--to grow at the same "pace" as someone you admire I think is rare. And I hope there never comes a day where I outgrow the music or the music outgrows me.

When John Mayer released Born and Raised last year, I posted my "review" about the album. I had avoided all press about the album before its release because I wanted to listen to it in its purest form--just me, my headphones and the music. I did almost the same thing with Paradise Valley.

I sat with a pen, my notebook and just listened. From beginning to end with no distractions and took it all in--word for word, note for note.

Unlike some of his albums, I loved this one right out of the gate. There was a definite sense of growth, not only in his song writing (lyrically and musically) but also in his ability to play the guitar and pull emotions from those six strings.

Wildfire (Version 1.0, not 2.0 that he did with Frank Ocean) and Waiting on the Day are two songs that couldn't be more different than one another, yet are my two favorites from the album. Wildfire is my summer jam (sorry, previously declared summer jam, Blurred Lines). It's fun and poppy and impossible to not get up and do a little dance when it comes on. Waiting on the Day broke my heart--there is such a huge sense of longing with this one. When it ended there was a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach.

And while I L.O.V.E.D. the lyrics of Who You Love, Jenna put it perfectly when she posted on Twitter "LOVEEEE the song. Then she (i.e. Katy Perry) happens." I feel the same way about this song as I did about Half of My Heart and Taylor Swift--totally unnecessary and kind of annoying. One of the things I have always appreciated about Mayer's music, is that regardless of who (if there even is/was a who) he wrote a certain song about, it didn't feel like he wrote a song about a specific person. This one doesn't have that same feel--it's almost too personal and should have been kept between them. Even though Perry's verse could have been written about my feeling for Captain Random (there is a blast from the past!).

Here are the rest of my thoughts on the album, unedited, as written in my notebook (sticky notes and all!) while listening to the Paradise Valley for the first time (and the perfect example as to why I don't write album reviews):
  • Wildfire: Summer jam! Heart this song hard core!
  • Dear Marie: This song totally broke my heart. Tears--lots and lots of tears.
  • Waiting on the Day: Definite Ryan Adams feel. Such a huge sense of longing. Great tune. Easily the most mature.
  • Paper Doll: Nicely packaged insult if it really is about someone.
  • Call Me The Breeze: The guitar is AMAZING!!!
  • Who You Love: Lyrically=good. Musically=NO! Every album has a song I don't like. Ack!
  • I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea): Meh.
  • Wildfire 2.0: Wha??? It is not often that I don't "get it", but I don't get this at all. Weird. 
  • You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down: This one is kind of fun in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.
  • Badge & Gun: Ultimate break-up song, without really being a break-up song.
  • On The Way Home: Gah--LOVE!
I know I may seem a little bias when it comes to all things related to John Mayer's music, but it is hard not to. He has provided the soundtrack to my life for the last 10+ years and I can't wait to see what the next ten bring, musically speaking of course.

Random Note: I'm going to be really annoyed if that dog on the cover (and back) of the CD booklet is not his dog. I don't know why the potential of that not being his dog bothers me so much, but you've been put on notice Mayer. 

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19 August 2013

Music Monday: Call Me the Breeze

I should be sitting down right now, spending time with my book because it is the first day of Bout of Books. But I'm not. Instead I've found about 20 other things that need to be taken care of around the house. It really is a ridiculous example of procrastination.

Tomorrow, John Mayer's new album Paradise Valley is being released which I spent I don't even know how many hours I listening to it when it was available for streaming on iTunes. Needless to say, I am VERY excited about the new tunes. There may even be a post all about the new album tomorrow.

On the album, he did a cover of a JJ Cale tune, Call Me the Breeze. I may be a bit bias in saying so, by Mayer did a great job of honoring Cale's original song. It is definitely one of my favorite tunes on the album.

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18 August 2013

Bout O Books: Goals & Updates

I am a big time fan of biting off more than I can chew. I'm really good at over estimating how much I have to commit to something or somethings.

But this time around I'm trying to be realistic.

Behold, the Pile 'O Books for Bout of Books V8.0!

Now, I don't actually expect to read all seven of these books. My goal is to read three of them, but I'm giving myself options. There is nothing worse than starting a book and hating it only to have nothing to fall back on. Not that I have a shortage of reading materials about the house, but regardless, these are the book I'll be choosing from this week.

I will also be checking into this post throughout the week to update my progress. But you can also follow along (should you feel so inclined) via Twitter and/or Goodreads.

Happy reading everyone!!

Progress Report:
Currently Reading: My Summer of Southern Discontent
Daily Pages Read: 178 244
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent 0 (1)
Random Notes: I'd get so much more reading done if there wasn't this pesky thing called the Internet. 'Twas actually a good day of reading. Made it through almost the whole book. It's not a great story or even all that great of writing, but for once I like the lead female character, Natalie, so I'm not going to complain too much. Of course after writing my recap for the day, I decided to read "just a little bit longer" and ended up finishing the book. It was an o.k. read. Nothing too involved or even interesting. But a good start to the read-a-thon.

Currently Reading: The Opal Deception and Love is a Mix Tape
Daily Pages Read: 35
Total Pages Read: 279
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1)
Random Notes: Little reading was accomplished today. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not been sucked into the world of HTML and blog issues (self inflicted issues, but that is besides the point). I started Love is a Mix Tape (read a chapter and a half) and then switched to The Opal Deception. Neither selection has grabbed my attention yet, but it is a bit early to start passing judgement.

Currently Reading: The Opal Deception and Love is a Mix Tape
Daily Pages Read: 202
Total Pages: 491
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1) Blur: Night Roamers (2)
Random Notes: One of these days, I'm going to learn to resist getting sucked in by a "good deal" on Amazon. I set The Opal Deception and Love is a Mix Tape aside and ready my way through a dreadful book that shouldn't have been written. I know. I know. Writing a book is hard (believe me, I have tried and failed) but I've said it once and I've said it again--just because you can, doesn't mean that you should. Hmm.....I wonder if folks every say that about my blogging?

Currently Reading: The Opal Deception and Love is a Mix Tape
Daily Pages Read: 0
Total Pages: 491
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1) Blur: Night Roamers (2)
Random Notes: Hahahahaha.....there was no reading to be done today. Worked late. Workout ran late. And I crashed into bed WAY earlier than I had originally anticipated. I may have tried reading in bed and may have been woken up by my book smacking me in the face after falling asleep. Whoops! But fear not--I have a three day weekend, two days of which I have nothing planned except for reading. Lots and lots of reading.

Currently Reading: The Opal Deception and Love is a Mix Tape
Daily Pages Read: 0
Total Pages: 491
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1) Blur: Night Roamers (2)
Random Notes: Ah snap. Again. Zero pages were read on this day, but I have a good reason for it. Partying with rockstars will kind of put a damper on your reading plans. BUT. I have today (aka Saturday) set aside for nothing but reading, reading and more reading! I'd like to get through at least one of the two books I am currently read today. Wish me luck!

Currently Reading: Love is a Mix Tape and A Cold Day for Murder
Daily Pages Read: 50
Total Pages: 541
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1) Blur: Night Roamers (2)
Random Notes: Well, at least some reading was completed. I'm having a heck of a time getting even remotely interested in what I am reading right now. I keep getting sidetracked by projects around the house and baseball. But Sunday is my day--I can feel it!

Currently Reading: A Cold Day for Murder
Daily Pages Read: 60
Total Pages: 601
Books Completed: My Summer of Southern Discontent (1) Blur: Night Roamers (2)
Random Notes: Welp. I didn't reach my goal. But that is OK! Two books during a week that turned into super crazy week is fine by me!

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17 August 2013

Bout of Books V8.0

Hey kids!

Guess what time it is?

It's Bout of Books Time!!

I sat the last round out and must admit I missed it. A lot.

So I'm signing myself back up which means I'm giving myself a bit of permission to buy a new book or two off of my wishlist. Boo-ya!

If you've never done a read-a-thon before, I highly recommend signing yourself up for this one. Here are the deets:

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 19th and runs through Sunday, August 25th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 8.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

I'm off to peruse the my preferred online book retailer to see what I can find. I'm totally up for suggestions if anyone has a "OMG, you HAVE to read this book!" summer reading selection suggestion.

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16 August 2013

Things I've Learned While Watching 24

I have finally made my way through all 8 seasons of 24.

I know. I know. It totally ended like, what, three years ago. What can I say? I'm fashionably late to the party. BUT the show is apparently coming back in 2014 (or so says IMDB) so maybe I'm a little ahead of the curve. I dunno.

Regardless, watching the show has provided me with a number of really important life lessons that I'll carry with me for years to come.
  • You might not make it out in one piece, but Jack will ALWAYS get you out of whatever crappy situation you find yourself in. Trust him, you have his word. 
  • The real threat to national security is apparently the Russians. They seem to be behind EVERYTHING!*
  • If you are sexually involved with Jack, you will die. Or be kidnapped and left in a high functioning vegetative state which I supposed by be a worse alternative to having just been killed.
  • It's apparently really easy and doesn't take much time or training to infiltrate CTU (is that even a real division?!) because it seems to happen ALL. THE. TIME.**
  • The normal rules of "No cellphone use" don't apply in most secure facilities. Everyone seems to be chatting away on their cellphones, plotting some sort of revenge. 
  • You really can be President if you are a woman!
I really am looking forward to the new season next summer (don't like to me IMDB!) to what new adventures Jack goes on and what other life lessons we can all learn!

*-To anyone at the NSA reading this because apparently Big Brother is watching EVERYTHING, remember, I'm talking about a fictional tv show about fictional people doing fictional things. 
**--Hey, NSA! It's me again. Seriously. FICTION. 
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14 August 2013

‘Cause a little bit of summer makes a lot of history

I had originally planned on this being a full on concert/weekend recap post. But as per usual, it kind of morphed into something completely different.

I spent this past week with three two of my favorite people.

Lots of folks think I'm crazy when I tell them how we met, but Heather, Vickie and I became friends thanks to a musician you may have heard of (likely in the gossip column) by the name of John Mayer. I may have mentioned him a time or two here on the blog as well.

On a whim, I decided to join Mayer's now defunct fanclub Local 83. I'm confident it was due to a desire to score fantastic concert tickets and a chance to pick up some merch I missed buying at his shows. But after a few months joining, I ventured onto the message boards where the three of us initially bonded over a complete and utter dislike for our work situations. Nine years later, countless trips and concerts together, I count these two ladies as two of my closest friends. It should also be mentioned, that I also met another dear friend and fellow blogger Micah through this same fanclub. See, music really does bring people together!

Each time Mayer tours, the three of us always make it a point to get together for at least one show. I think our record is five shows in 2010 but I'd have to check the ticket stub book.

But our friendship is much more than just hanging out at shows (over the years we've expanded our gatherings to more than just Mayer's shows: DMB--our first show together was at DMB's Hershey Park concert in 2005, Joe Bonamassa, Teitur and others I am sure I am missing), singing and dancing our hearts out. These ladies are two of the funniest, smartest, most caring people I know. They have been there for me at times when I needed a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen. They accept me for who I am, quirkiness and all, without judgement. I love these two like sisters. My life is much better with them in it and I can't wait to see what the next decade brings to our lives!

Post concert glow in New Jersey, 2006

Pre-concert in Detroit 2010 (Fun story, the guy on the right, looking sketchily into the camera is Kevin. Kevin is Uncle Kracker's guitarist.)

The three of us this weekend in Chicago

The obligatory crappy iPhone photos of the stage because my concert camera bit the dust.

To say I was extremely excited to see Mayer back on stage would be a minor understatement. It wasn't until the lights were dimmed, the opening chords to Queen of California were played and he did his awkward dance up to the microphone that I realized how much I missed the music. I may have even cried. I'm going to dip into music snobbery for a moment, but seeing him perform live and hearing the songs that capture a feeling I am completely unable to put into words on my own feeds me soul in a way nothing else does. There were times during the concert (especially during Gravity) where I just closed my eyes and let the music take me away and it was pure bliss. As I was telling Vickie on our drive to the airport for her to catch a flight home, my being a fan of his has nothing to do with him as a person per se but him as a musician. He has literally provided the soundtrack to the last 10+ years of my life. While I know I will be called a groupie (I hate that term--super fan or concert whore are two terms I have deemed acceptable) and will people will misunderstand the meaning behind what I am about to say, my life would be drastically different if it wasn't because of him, his music and his ability to share his passion. It's an intangible thing that I will always be grateful for and cherish.

I will never be able to adequately express how much their friendships and this weekend meant to me. But getting the band back together (to include Mayer) was exactly what I needed to recharge/refresh and to help bring me back to me.
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Thanks for reading!

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