25 August 2013

Sunday Confessions: Pet Peeves-The Music Edition

Happy Sunday ya'll!!

Taking a little different route today with this post. This weeks confessions are all about Pet Peeves: The Music Edition. Ya'll have been warned before--I'm a music snob to the MAX so none of this should be shocking.

Groupie Status: I HATE the world groupie. If you want to insult me and wound our friendship beyond repair, call me a groupie. I dare you. It is one of the worst insults someone could hurl at me. I don't understand why there is an automatic assumption that if a girl (i.e. me) likes a male musician (let's say John Mayer as he is a favorite) it means I want to jump his bones and make sweet, sweet love with him all night long. Ahhhhh......no. But if I guy likes a musician, male or female they have an appreciation for the music and "totally get what the musician is trying to get across". I get it--there is always a group of girls vying for backstage passes to meet the singer de jour, they are the super giggly ones up front doused in glitter, squealing each time they "make eye contact" but that is a small percentage of female population. They are the minority, not the majority. The rest of us are there because of the music--the lyrics, the guitar, the drums, the bass, the feeling it evokes and the memories it creates. Oooohh....that sounds like a lyric. Quick---somebody call Mayer! I've got his next hit started for him.

Musician Hotness Rating: I will lose respect for you if you don't like a musician because "they aren't hot (visually appealing to the eye)". I'll never forget the day I asked a friend if she'd heard Matt Nathanson's new album (Car Crash) and the first words out of her mouth were "Well, is he hot?" Really?!--someones hotness factor directly correlates to ones ability to write/create good music. I had no idea. Can someone invent the sarcasm font already?! This post is in desperate need of it.

Musician Hotness Rating V2.0: I'm not faulting anyone for saying a musician is "HOTT!" Since this is a day for confessions, I must admit that there is a certain fella who makes me weak in the knees and who I spent a greater part of Friday evening staring at while he shook what his mama gave him. BUT my liking his music and prowess on the guitar has nothing to do with his sexiness. It was two live shows before I was close enough to the stage to see what he even looked like. And even though he held my hand and called me sweetheart, I'm not naive enough to think he doesn't say that to all the girls and that doesn't make me love or hate (depending on how you, dear reader, choose to read that sentence) the music any less.

Band Names: This one confounds me beyond no other, especially when people proclaim "O.M.G. *Insert band name here* is my absolute favorite band!!!" but then completely forget there are band members beyond the lead singer. Like, really?! I don't understand who they think the other three or four guys are standing next to him are. Maroon 5 is more than just Adam Levine. Mumford & Sons is more than just Marcus Mumford. Just like The Beatles were more than John Lennon. Show some respect--all those guys work really hard to produce the music we love so in turn, let's give them some love, too!

So there you are.....my shortish list of grievances.

What do you have to confess?

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  1. Somehow I'm reminded of a couple of lines from Queen's Radio Ga Ga when it comes to Musician Hotness...

    We watch the shows - we watch the stars
    On videos for hours and hours
    We hardly need to use our ears
    How music changes through the years

    Somewhere along the line, being attractive superseded the need to be good to sell records... Kinda appalling really. The invention of autotune has done us no favors in this area.

    That said... I find that most people have a really superficial appreciation of music... Maybe that makes me a snob, I don't know.

  2. I always say a musician (in my book) lives or dies by their live performance. There have been many bands that have gone out of rotation because their live shows were awful as compared to their albums and it's all because of autotune. It is one of the worst things to happen to the music industry.

  3. Great list! I really hate it when people swoon over a band and only know the singer. I think my biggest pet peeve is when you ask people what kind of music they listen and they answer "oh well, everything" and then happen to be total music-snobs. Don't say you listen to everything if you only like Rihanna and maybe Justin Timberlake (cause he's hot).

  4. Well, some of my favorite musicians are definitely not very attractive. :)

  5. Micah @ Unabashedly MeAugust 25, 2013 at 6:05 PM

    So agree with all of these.

  6. I feel the same way about the hot factor. I had someone tell me they didn't care for Mumford and Sons because they couldn't get past the "hipster mustaches". And I'm like, um, okay...I was too busy listening to the music and appreciating all that is going into the album, but whatever!

  7. Right?! I tend to break out the "I listen to everything" line all the time, but it's literally because I am willing to give anything a listen at least once.

  8. Very few of my favorite musicians are "attractive".

  9. This is why we are good friends.
    This among other reasons as well.

  10. Wha?! "Hipster mustaches"? Now I'm going to have to go and look at photos to see these 'staches.

  11. I know right? I never noticed them before, but apparently they're there!


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