14 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: Blogging, Exams and Birthday

I'm A Bad Blogger: My apologies dear readers. Things have been pretty quiet around these parts. I'd kind of like to blame it on working a lot of hours and watching a lot of late night baseball, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Thankfully though, the truth does not include a lack of having things to write about. Quite the contrary actually, it's just that what I really want to write about, what I really want to share that is making me giggle like a twelve year old at a Jonas Brothers concert is something I'm not totally sure is appropriate too share. I have a feeling I'd post it and would get a response from someone that simply read "Too soon."

Examinations: In less than six weeks, I was supposed to take my PHR (Professional Human Resources Certification) exam. It's not going to happen. November is the worst month of the year where I work (I don't know what I was thinking) but because I'm already registered, I have to take it by the end of January or else I'm out $400 for nothing. I am absolutely terrified of taking this exam. I don't talk about my job much, but I'm good at it. I know my stuff. But I'm terrible....TERRIBLE when it comes to tests. And this is one of those tests where they give you four options to pick from and you have to pick the best one. The thought of it makes me want to throw up. But it'll be fine. I'll take the extra time to study and hope that it's enough. 

Happy Birthday: Tomorrow is my thirty-third birthday and I'm not looking forward to it. Not because I'm going to be thirty-three. Age isn't all that big of a deal to me (that and apparently no one believes me when I tell them how old I am anyway). I just don't like birthdays. They make me nervous. Kind of itchy. Plus, my parents are off on a little adventure to Rochester, MN and I don't like to burden my friends when I'm feeling kind of needy/sad. Anyway, I'll be taking tomorrow off from work, maybe spend some time at the lake (if it's not too cold) and enjoy a mellow day.


  1. I have had similar thoughts around my birthday and I find that things tend to happen on their own, sometimes good and sometimes meh but I am sure your friends aren't going to think its 'needy' to go out for a quiet dinner or movie.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it "feels" better than you think it will!!♥

  3. I don't like my birthday either! Don't even know why! But Happy Birthday! I hope it won't be too bad!

  4. Happy birthday, and good luck with the exam. I'm the same way; I can know the material very well and then draw a blank because I'm being tested on it.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is wonderful!! Good luck with the exam, too - I'm sure you will rock it!

    thanks for linking up!


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