07 October 2012

Sunday Confessions: More Baseball, Shopping Addictions, Decisions

Baseball: Yep. More baseball!! The Tigers won the AL Central Division this past week and are in the playoffs. I am secretly (or not so secretly now) relieved that the Texas Rangers did not make the playoffs. Sorry Micah! They have owned Detroit's ass the last couple of season so them being knocked out in the Wild Card playoff game gives me a little extra hope that Detroit will go on to and win the World Series. Sure they have to get passed Oakland (who literally came out of nowhere this season!), but I'm doing my best to be optimistic. My predictions for the the playoffs are as follows: 
  • American League: Detroit beats Oakland in four/Baltimore beats New York in five. Detroit then beats Baltimore in six games to win the American League Title.
  • National League: San Francisco beats the Cincinnati in four/Washington beats St. Louis in four. San Francisco then beats Washington in five games to win the National League Title.
  • Detroit beats San Francisco in six games to win the 2012 World Series.
I sadly don't know much about the National League teams so those predictions essentially equate to drawing names out of a hat. We'll see how well my predictions turn out.

Shopaholics Anonymous:  I sometimes wonder if I have a true shopping addiction or just an addiction to Old Navy and bookstores. SERIOUSLY. I'm blaming all the shopping at Old Navy on the fact that less than half of my clothes from last winter fit thanks to losing what is apparently amounting to a significant amount of weight, but still--do I REALLY need five black cardigans?! Sure they are of varying styles and weights, but it might be time to walk away. As for the books......I have more of them than I know what to do with. The front room of my house looks like a bookstore threw up all over the place. Some of the stacks are teetering so high, all it would take is a light breeze to knock them down. Why aren't the on bookshelves, you may ask. Well, because there is no more room on the bookshelves and I am lacking in the space needed to house the required amount of bookshelves. Maybe I'll just make a bookshelf out of some of the books and call it good. That feels like a good compromise. 

Decision Time: I have kind of a big decision that needs to be made sometime within the next threeish weeks. I'd like to make it now, but it requires a conversation with someone that is going to super awkward. But it needs to happen because I need some closure. While I definitely want the conversation to go in one direction, I have a feeling it won't and it'll be disappointing.


  1. There could be worse addictions, Meg!

    Loon forward to seeing how your predictions play out. I would be in Baltimore during a potential match up :)

  2. I have a shopping addiction to Target! It's seriously a problem! haha.

    And I hope you're able to make your decision and the conversation goes well!! Happy Sunday!

  3. I love your blog! I'm your newest follower!!


  4. I hate those awkward conversations... I really hope yours goes/went the way you want it to!

    Thanks for linking up, sorry I am a total slacker and am just now getting to reading!


Thanks for reading!

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