14 August 2011

Arbitrary Observations

  • I own entirely too many notebooks, journal, composition books, sketchbooks, watercolor books, books of blank sheet music and other such items in which one might use to express themselves. 
  • I don't understand what all the fuss is about Mad Men and am preparing a full post to explain why.
  • I'd like to live in world where shoes were not a requirement. I'd go barefoot 24-7 if I could.
  • I do my best work between 7pm and 2am.
  • I hate Sundays. And Sundaes. Nothing has ever come from either of them.
  • I don't know a thing about fashion but love fashion magazines and fashion blogs.
  • Speaking of blogs, my Google Reader is OUT OF CONTROL. I really need to slash some reads from the feeder but they are all so good.


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