20 August 2011

Friday Favorites: Borders & Books

*I started typing this last night, but didn't quite finish (I was too busy saving Los Angeles from some wicked aliens with Jen and Marcus), so since it was started on Friday, I'm keeping the title even though its really Saturday*

I am still in a little bit of shock that Borders is closing its doors. I love that store. Yes. I may be a little partial because I worked there. And Yes. I do most of my shopping from Amazon (in my own defense, I live nearly an HOUR from the nearest Borders and with most of society have an insatiable need for instant gratification) because of my Kindle which we all know I love.

Regardless, Borders has always been an almost required stop on my trips to TC. There really is nothing like walking into your favorite section and being surrounded by the stories and words of worlds you've never dreamed of. I would wander the aisles and end caps, usually drawn by the books that have the best covers (yes, I am that person who reads a book for its cover) and walk out with a few new selections to add to my library ranging anywhere from fiction to history to book on Buddhism. I never went in with a plan but never left unhappy.

Jen and I headed to Borders this evening to take advantages of their "close out prices" and to potentially say "good-bye" to one of my favorite places. I had a plan going in to round out my Austen and Bronte, replace old copies with new. I'd hoped to finish a couple of series that I already own but don't match (don't even get my started on my OCD). I even had a few new titles I was in search of as well as snagging a couple of blank journals.

Did I stick with my plan? No.

Did I stick to my budget? No.

Did I walk out with a large stack of books? Yes.

Am I super excited about my purchases? Yes.

Am I still really sad that Borders is going away? Very much so.

From top to bottom, last nights purchases include Squirrel seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris, Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb, The Snark Handbook by Lawrence Dorfman, You are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Revolution by Noah Levine, Barrel Fever by David Sedaris, Major Works and Poems by Edgar Allen Poe, Life by Keith Richards and a cookbook on making curries. I also purchased a new case for Ichabod, my iPod which is not pictured. 


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