26 August 2011

Friday Favorites: Direct Orders

Why did I think a theme was a good idea?! I must have thought that it would keep me on track but now that it's time to actually do it, I'm not so sure it was my best move. Whatev.

Historically, I'm not a huge fan of sharing (I'm getting better though!!). One of my biggest pet peeves is telling someone about Random Item A which they poo-poo without hesitation only to have them turn around weeks or months later and tell me how AWESOME Random Item A is and that I really need to check it out. Even worst yet is when they flat out deny that we've never even spoken about Random Item A in the past. Granted, most of the time when this happens, it is with people who resist anything new until it goes mainstream, but I digress and have a chart to kind of sort of by not really illustrate my point:
Courtesy of Scott Crowe: Actor, Runner, Maker of Things

But for the sake of sticking with my plan and being more open, we're gonna do this. Every Friday. And I'm going to be o.k. with it. 

To start, I was originally going to go with my favorite daily reads a.k.a "What is found in my Google Reader!" but that's already on my blog and seemed a little redundant. And then I thought about the YouTube channel I watch pretty regularly but I feel like that is one of those things you either get or you don't (It's LOVEronica for those who are interested) and I've not the energy to really go there right now. So, that pretty much leaves us with either a whole lot of something or a whole lot of nothing. 

Because I've really not anything terribly exciting to say and am still battling this ridiculous cold, I'm going with another favorite spoken word performance which I think is quite fitting for this Friday evening while the east coast battles against Mother Nature.

Direct Orders by Anis Mojgani


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