07 August 2011

Bend me into a pretzel

Six weeks of not being able to really do anything related to exercise is tough. Sure I managed to get my heart rate up a few times while racing to the bathroom on crutches or trying to crawl up a flight of stairs on my hands and knees to shower, but I digress.

This morning when I finally rolled out of bed, I felt like crap. Every muscle in my body hurt from carefully sleeping in positions that wouldn't aggravate my foot or cause me to bump the incision on my foot (it's mostly healed, but still pretty tender). It's a daunting task which requires far too much thought when I should be sleeping. So, to help me loosen up a bit, I pulled out my favorite yoga dvd, yoga mat and settled on the floor for a 30 minute session aptly titled "Self Esteem Booster".

I only managed about 20 of the 30 minutes in session. My left leg/foot don't quite move in the ways I need them to in order to complete lunges or the sun salutation, but regardless of that, the sections I was able to accomplish felt great. By the end of it, I could feel the tension melting away from my neck, back and shoulders and even my legs (specifically my left on) feel looser. It was/is a great feeling!

Here is to hoping that with daily yoga sessions and a little extra stretching I'll be feeling well enough to strap on the running shoes for a trip around the block!


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