13 July 2012

Things I Pondered When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

  • I went to see Magic Mike last weekend with my friend Sarah. My thoughts on the movie can be summed up in four words: Less Talking, More Dancing. Sweet mother of pearl, Channing Tatum has some sweet sweet moves. The world would be a better place if there were more movies in which he dances. Sorry dude, don't mean to pigeon hole you, but yeah.....it was nice. 
  • And yes, this contains some brilliant ideas for what one can do after seeing Magic Mike: Eight Ways to Cope Now That You've Finally Seen Magic Mike.
  • What is this that I hear there is a fourth Fifty Shades book planned for release in the fall? And a possible movie.  Really? Really?! Haven't we suffered enough? For the record, my complete hatred of this series has nothing to do with the "erotic" or "mommy porn" nature of the books--it's actually quite tame when stacked up against what I would normally place into those two categories. The hatred stems from the fact that the writing is terrible and just because it started as fanfiction is no excuse. Ok.....I'm done ranting about this. Scouts honor. 
  • I kind of want a yellow dress and have been lusting over the following dresses from Mod Cloth:

  • I've been struggling with a DIY of my own for my iPhone pix. I want to put together a photo album of sorts for all my photos on the go, but haven't been able to find the right journal or photo album. Until now! I am totally going to do this DIY for a Washi Tape Journal. It's the perfect solution and is simple enough that I'll be able to have mini-albums rather than filling just one big one. 


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