21 July 2012

Running with the Devil

Holy busy week, Batman.

Between work and home and helping out a friend, it was a bit of a struggle trying to balance everyday life and my morning runs this week.


Because I'm flippin' exhausted. Being up late and getting up early just do not mix (when did I get old?!). Shoot, I even slept through THREE alarms yesterday.

THREE of them! Who does that?

This week reminded me though how much I need to run to get rid of stress and tension. I slept terrible. Ate crap and drank a lot of beer (some had fruit in it but I'm not sure that counts as being healthy). 'Twas not a stellar week. I suppose everyone needs a reminder every once in a while about why they do things, but I'm not so certain it needs to be quite so "in your face". I can only imagine how annoying I was to work with this week. Super bitch comes to mind. :/

Despite all of that though, I made some pretty great strides (no pun intended). I'm now able to consistently run my first mile a)without cursing the running gods and b)without walking.....at all! Still some dancing involved (you're welcome morning commuters for the free entertainment!) but no walking. On Monday, I managed to complete two miles of just running, no walking intervals. I was and still am pretty pumped about that! I mean, I knew it was possible I didn't exactly think it was probable let alone something I could actually say that I did. I'm still not quite ready to sign myself up for another 5K, but that will come in time. Running is turning into much more of a mental challenge than I was anticipating. Thankfully though, I am learning that sometimes it's best to let things happen on their own time and not try to push it too quickly, too soon.

It sounds totally lame and cliche, but it really does seem like only yesterday I went out for day 1 of the C25k program to test my repaired Achilles tendon and foot. I kind of what to send McDreamy (seriously, he and Patrick Dempsey could be cousins or something) a "Thank You" card, but that seems a bit weird. Especially this far away from my surgery date. But considering a year ago I was barely able to hobble around on my crutches to now being able to actually call myself a runner (I've decided that one can officially call themselves a runner when they don't mind going out and about in compression, a.k.a. spandex,  shorts and tank top--it's a sexy look, you should try it some time), it's a pretty big deal.

I'm really proud of myself for all that I've managed to accomplish over the last 12 weeks. Running has helped me to learn so much more about myself, both physically, mental and most importantly emotionally.   I can't wait to look back in the 12 weeks to see just how much farther I've been able to push myself.

This new journey has only just begun and I have a lot further to travel.


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