01 July 2012

June in Review

Hey....hi.....summer? Great....I'm glad I have your attention. Could you please slow down for a bit? That'd be super.

June was a bit of a blur, with my vacation from work being the highlight of the month which is kind of why I've put off doing this post.

Even though it didn't feel like there was a lot going on this last month, I feel like I was constantly on the go and not all of it was for fun. Hopefully July will be another story with a few more trips to the cottage and lake for myself and Sadie.

But June wasn't all bad.

I found some really great ideas on other blogs. A challenge for some self actualization and love. A craft idea or two. And a jump start on my switch from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. 

I really dug the week long series on Vanagon Champion on the Summer of Self Love (are you sick of hearing about that yet?). 

I tried out a new recipe from Vegan Housewives which was out of this world good. 

Over at A Beautiful Mess, Elsie posted a DIY which is totally going to be my next gift for my CB's. 

And Micah posted a fantastic idea for organizing all the "paper" memorabilia I have from my favorite musicians. Now I just need to track it all down and put it one place. 

Plus I saw this movie with this guy, who quite honestly was the best part of the whole thing...... Source

So now it's only to July which means the Fourth of July, festivals, hot weather, afternoons at the beach and another month to enjoy life!


  1. Sounds like a good month! And I agree, he was definitely the best part of the movie!

    (Sorry about the deleted comment... can you fully delete it for me? I posted under the wrong account.. grr.)


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