10 July 2012

All words are pegs to hang ideas on.

---Henry Ward Beecher

I seem to have been bitten by the writing bug.

Not that I'm complaining, I've just gotten used to it not being there.

The written word has been my best friend since I could write my name.

I have notebooks upon notebooks filled with half finished stories, scenes without a home and character profiles that never quite found their way out in the world. I have boxes of journals that I've filled over time with my hopes, dreams, nightmares, fears and love letters.

I wrote my first short story when I was 8. First poem at 10 and failed a fourth grade writing assignment because I didn't "understand the concept of a tall tale". The next day I decided I wanted to be a writer.

There is something about putting pen to paper (an actual pen to an actual piece of paper) that makes me feel better. It frees something inside of me that doesn't have another way out. It makes me feel things in a way I don't otherwise know how to deal with. Sounds terribly pretentious, I know, but for me, writing fiction is far more liberating that writing in my journal or a poem or even here. It's the lure of living vicariously through imaginary lands and the lives of fictional people that makes it easier to deal with day to day things. And that makes me sound like I need to seek some professional help.

For the last week or so, that same familiar itch to create worlds of my own has struck again. Although,  most of those "new worlds" seem to mirror my own life. Which is both good and bad. It's been good because it's giving me a chance to say things I'm not sure I would otherwise have the courage to say. But it's bad because it's giving me a chance to say things I'm not sure I would otherwise have the courage to say. But I've been thoroughly enjoying the freedom of doing just that.

So tonight after work, not that I needed a new one, went out and bought myself a new composition notebook to get the scraps of paper I've been writing on organized and to get some of these ideas down on paper to start putting in story form.

I sometimes have to wonder what I am going to do with all these scraps of paper and notebooks, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy getting the stuff out of my head and seeing what I can create (even if no one else ever reads it).


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