30 June 2012

This Week in Photos

'Twas my first week back after work after having last week off for my stacation, which meant I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get myself back on schedule. It was not an easy task for being off for such a relatively short time. 

 I've also been playing around with the Hipstamatic D-Series app on my iPhone. Unfortunately, I don't really have any photos to share using that particular as I have three separate "cameras" started which equals a lot of photos I still have to take before I can see the final results. Even though the waiting part has been driving me NUTS it's still be fun running around and snapping photos with it. Hopefully I have some of those photos so share next week!


Berries at the lake//  Pre-run smiles// Purple flower in the garden// Breakfast of Champions!// Surprise reads from Vickie// Mint chocolate chip AND chocolate ice cream=heaven// Chick-un Salad for dinner


  1. Fun pictures! Love the ice cream one the best, of course. And may I say, I love love LOVE the new theme. :)

    1. Thanks, Ari! I decided since it was such a hot day yesterday, some nice cold ice cream what the perfect remedy. ;)


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