01 June 2012

Things I Pondered This Week When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

  • I was reminded this week why I adore music thanks to a conversation with my ridiculously awesome friends Heather, Vickie and I had about Mayer's new album and specifically Walter Grace's Submarine Test: January 1967
  • The number of bagels I consume in a week is quite alarming, but they are so good! 
  • Speaking of Vickie, I want to go visit her in NYC and see the city like an honest to goodness tourist checking out all the tourist traps. How wants to help finance such a trip?!
  • My staction starts in 15 days! And I could not be more ready for it. 
  • I don't have any concerts scheduled for this summer. Not a single one and this makes me quite sad. I need to rectify this situation a.s.a.p.
  • Over the last couple of weeks I have come to hate the question, "So how much weight have you lost?" I kind of feel like Jennifer Aniston in Office Space. My weight loss is my flair and I don't like to talk about my flair. 


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