08 June 2012

Things I Pondered This Week When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

  • I have the biggest rock star crush on Scott Jurek right now. It is ridiculous but I am loving his book. Such an interesting guy and for a pro athlete, he doesn't make you feel like you're being totally ridiculous for wanting to attain some pretty crazy goals. Who wants to run an ultramarathon with me?
  • Happiness really can be found in buying new shoes, especially if they are running shoes. 
  • I received my first order from Postal Pix this week. Fantastic! But what I am really excited about is that I now found a photo lab to use for a project I want to do. 
  • I am actually going to break down and buy a bathing suit this summer. I went for a 20 minute swim in the lake this morning and it was brilliant. 
  • They still don't fit and I'm sure I could sit down in them, but I managed to get a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in YEARS buttoned this morning. CRAY-ZEE!
  • I had a brief moment of pondering the idea of training for a triathlon but then I remember I hate riding a bike. 


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