16 June 2012

Super Saturday

I'm putting this weeks running post on hold because I have in fact, not gone for a run since June 5th.



But I've been nursing a sore foot which seems to be better so hopefully I'll be able to get back out there tomorrow and back on track. Otherwise I'll be "Swimming with the Devil" which doesn't sound nearly as fancy.

But that is not what makes today super.

What makes today super is that as of 4pm this afternoon, I am on VACATION!

A whole week to myself and my giant "to-do" list.

I know that staying home and tackling a giant list of things to do around the house doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but trust me....it is. It just seems like the weekends are long enough for me to get done everything I want to accomplish. And every time I look at what I didn't get done, I just get more and more frustrated. So, it will be nice to have the week to get some project checked off the list.

I also plan on spending quite a bit of time reading, chilling at the cottage, and just plain 'ole relaxing. That's what summer vacations are really supposed to be about, right!


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