03 March 2012

Things I Pondered This Week When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

This has not turned out to be a great weekend and it's only Saturday evening. I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that tomorrow is a little bit better because quite frankly, I can't take another day like today.

Anywho.......onto my random thoughts of the week!
  • Seriously. Are my new sock monkeys not the cutest! I picked them up at work this week and simply adore them. The pink one (who is still without a name) will most likely live at my desk at work, while the other two Seamus and Sharona will be going on many great adventures. 
  • There are only 42 days until Heather, Vickie and I storm Detroit for Mayer's concert at the Fox Theater as long as Ticketmaster doesn't decide to cancel our ticket order again. 
  • I have finally ended my run of relatively good books. The one I am reading right now just keeps dragging on and on and on with nothing interesting happening. I will finish though. There will be no books left behind!
  • I am obsessed with the clothes on ModCloth. Seriously. They have some of the cutest dresses. And their shoes.....to die for. 


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