09 March 2012

Friday Favorites: Matt Nathanson

Even though my weekend officially started at 5pm yesterday, I'm still o.k. with being excited that today is Friday and it's the weekend!

It's true, most of that excitement is because I'm going to see Matt Nathanson in concert TONIGHT. I'm quite sure I've told everyone that will listen to me that his show is this evening. I'm that excited about tonight's show.

Anyway......since I've been on a bit of a music fast this week (not all music, just Matt's music....it's a weird ritual I started doing before going to concerts where I don't listen to anything by the musician for at least a week before the show......I know it's weird, but you can blame Heather for getting me started on it!) and because his show is TONIGHT I figured this was the perfect time to share some of my favorites songs by Mr. Nathanson. I'm secretly hoping that he'll play one of the songs below, but also know that regardless of whether not he plays it, it's going to be a GREAT show tonight. Hopefully I'll have lots of photos and some fun stories to share this weekend.

Run featuring Sugarland

Lost Myself In Search of You


Lucky Boy



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