19 May 2013

Sunday Confessions

I'm a wee bit worried: Ok....maybe not a wee bit. But a lot worried. Tomorrow is my MRI and I'm not sure I'm ready for the results. I know. I know. It could be nothing, but anytime your doctors say, "Hmmm......that lump shouldn't be there" I can't help but freak the fuck out! So here is to hoping it's just an angry, inflamed knot of muscles or a cyst and not my wild imagination keeps thinking it is.

Blogging Burnout: I dunno. Part of me wants to just start all over. But another part of me thinks I've participated in too many blogging chats and skimmed too many "how to and how not to blog" lists and blah blah blah. Do ya'll get that way? Cruise along for a good bit of time and then think "Nope, time to divert course!"?

Bout of Books: I'm crusing right along with this weeks read-a-thon. I've managed to complete part 1 of my challenge, which was to read for an hour a day. We are good to go there. But actually finishing a book has been another issue all of its own. How, if I am reading an hour a day, am I unable to complete a single title? Easy--I'm back to picking really awful titles to read. So awful in fact, I'm not even noting via Goodreads that I've started them because I'm not sure I'm going to even finish them. Thankfully though, I'm not immersed in Riveted which is proving to be at least halfway decent at this point. Not sure I'm going to have it finished by today, but it's at least not been a total fail of a read-a-thon!

People Woes: At this point, if someone is breathing, they are most likely jumping all over my last nerve. I'm so sick of whiny, bitchy people who complain to get their way and make the rest of us suffer or look like an ass for upholding rules, policies, procedures, etc. I'm over it. Really, really over it.


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