04 May 2013

Running with the Devil

I am so frustrated I could scream right now.

I am really starting to wonder if I will ever be able to run again. Over dramatic  yes? But I'm frustrated. Really, really frustrated.

Yesterday saw one of my last sessions of physical therapy. I still go through next week, but he said when I left yesterday those two sessions will be focusing on exercise I can do at home rather than the ultrasound treatments I've been receiving and him stretching out my leg/hip. He also gave me the o.k. to try and increase my activity level to see how my hip handled it.

This morning, I put on my new running shoes and headed out for a walk with a little 60 second run. It didn't go well. The walking was fine. The walking has been fine for two week. Yes, there is some discomfort but it's ususally worked itself out a few minutes into the walk and then I'm good to go. Today was the same--a little twinge at the beginning, but was fine after a few minutes. I decided to see how it went if I added a little running to the walk. I was just going to run for a minute at a time, give myself and my hip a chance to re-acclimate itself to the whole process. Acclimate it did not. My hip wasn't having any of it and started to hurt immediately. This time, I didn't try to be a hero and "run through the pain", I stopped and walked the rest of my route and have been nursing an aching hip ever since.

Thankfully I have the last two sessions with my physical therapist and am hoping the exercises he give me to try at home work. And in a week, I have a follow-up with my doctor to see how things are going and to discus my "future running plans".

Anyone else have a nagging, recurring injury that is keeping them from running?


  1. Thanks.....it has been really frustrating. Still keeping my fingers crossed that it'll eventually get better.

  2. I have bursitis in my hip with is causing these issues. It's been 4 weeks since my last "official" run and am looking at another 2-4 off. Super annoying.

  3. Oh man, sorry this is still holding you up. That sucks.

  4. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! I'm sure you've seen all about my running injuries, the last time I quit running was because I had tendonitis and bursitis and had to take weeks off. Blegh. Hope you heal up soon!


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