11 May 2013


Watching: I don't have cable and half the time I can't get the four major networks to come in clear enough using an antenna to watch much t.v. so I have to rely on online services such as Hulu to get my t.v. fix. Because of this I am typically a few weeks, or in the case of my new obsession Chicago Fire a few months behind on shows. It has taken a couple of weeks, but I've mostly caught up with the season. Love. This. Show.

Reading:  My lack of reading has been really frustrating. The next round of Bout of Books starts on Monday. If I can get it together, I will be participating again. It makes for a fun week. I just need to sort out what I want to read!

Anticipating: On Wednesday, my dad and I are off to Detroit for a Tigers game. Depending on the rotation, it will be either Verlander or Scherzer pitching. Regardless of which one it ends up being, it will be a good game to watch!

Frustrated: I had my last physical therapy appointment this week and I'm still not running. The issue is a little bigger than originally diagnosed  I see my doctor on Monday and based on the recommendation of my physical therapist have a few tests and possibly a referral to an orthopedic surgeon on my near future.

Missing: It is tough saying good-bye to a friend especially when things were left unsaid. I want nothing more than to send him an email but what needs to be said needs to be said face-to-face. Let's just say, I feel as though I've missed my chance and will most likely forever be referring to him as "the one who got away".


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