05 May 2013

Sunday Confessions

National What Month?!: I do not think it is a coincidence that not only is  May National Mental Health Month, but it is also National Masturbation Month. Anyway to get those serotonin levels up, right? Right!

Glitter: The submission I wrote for Glitter kind of fits this months theme. Have you bought your copy yet?

Still Bitchin' About It: I know. There has been a lot of moaning and groaning (ha! pun not really intended based on the two previous items) about my not being able to run but it's getting to be extremely frustrating. And mostly because people keep telling me "Well, not everyone was meant to run. There are other things you could do instead". I get it but my trying to get back into being able to run isn't really about the running. It's also about proving to myself that I can do something other obviously think I can't. And while their reassurances that it "ok" to not run could in fact be based on this nagging injury, it' still annoying and not at all helpful. 

Dreams: O.k......I know when you have a dream about someone, the isn't necessarily about that person but what they represent. But honestly, for once, can't my subconscious throw me a bit of a bone and actually dream about something (or someone) that could actually happen?!


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