24 May 2013

The Good, the Bad & the Just Plain Annoying

Monday I had an MRI done on my hip. Long story short is that I've had this really frustrating and annoying pain in my right hip since last fall from running. Taking the winter off from running didn't help. Weeks of physical therapy helped but didn't totally solve the problem (I was diagnosed with bursitis of the hip with the PT definitely helped to sort out), so it was off to have some imaging done to get to the bottom of things.

Today my doctors office called with the results of the MRI.

The good news is that I can start running again!! I have to make sure I ease back into it......slowly. So, its back to the C25k program which is fine. I've been mostly successful when following that program so we will give it another go. June 1 is my new target start date. I'd start sooner, but the doctor wants another week off with my exercises from physical therapy. Who am I to argue? I get to start running again!!

The bad news is that I do have a diagnosis of arthritis. First bursitis and now arthritis  I'm starting to think all my jokes about having the "hip of a ninety year old" aren't too far off. I'm going to do a bit of research into running and arthritis to make sure running won't make it any worse. I honestly don't think it will, but one can never be too careful. I'm also planning on adding in some more yoga and tai chi to my routine.

Unfortunately, "lump" he felt during my last exam still goes undiagnosed. Because of its location, he isn't sure it is related to this hip thing to begin with. So on Monday I have to call another doctor on my payroll to see about an appointment with her. Here it to hoping it is just a cyst. I've had them before and while they are annoying, that is something I can deal with.

Even though I don't have all the answers I was looking for, I at least have enough to get me started on the right path. But more importantly, I've been given the all clear to start running in a week which makes me very, very happy!
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  1. Yay that you can start running again!! Boo to the arthritis, and the unknown lump... hope it's nothing too annoying, glad you got SOME answers and that you can start running again!

  2. Running starts again today! I'm really excited to be able to get back out there.


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