26 May 2013

Sunday Confession

Fear of Starting: After writing up my post on Friday about being able to run again, I had another chat with my doctor and he gave me the all clear to start running as soon as I would like to, keeping in mind that I still need to ease into it. Awesome, right! Well, here I am sitting on my couch on a PERFECT spring afternoon not running. I'm all kinds of worried that even easing back into running will send me right back to where I was six weeks ago. And yes I know, as everyone has kindly reminded me, there are other things I could be doing instead of running. But running clears my head, it lessens my anxiety and calms me down. So I'm making a pact with myself that I start running again tomorrow. Nice and easy and my hip will be just fine.

Anger Management V2.0: I love gardens but was not blessed with a green thumb. My dad has it and is thankfully helping me this weekend get my gardens whipped into shape. And my mom is helping, too. I spent some time this morning ripping out weeds and attacking an annoying overgrown section near my deck with nippers and a hoe. It was fantastic to get in there and whack stuff down. I still have a lot to do (including moving the piles of clippings from the backyard to the compost pile) but this part of gardening I like. Now if only I can keep the plants alive I'll be good to go!

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  1. I hear you on the fear. It's kind of like my fear of moving to Oregon. But I think you just have to trust yourself, nice and easy like you said, and KNOW that it'll be fine. :)

    Good luck with the gardening - I'm useless at that!

  2. If it wasn't for my parents, I'd be totally useless in the realm of gardening, too! My mom and I totally revamped my front garden in just a couple hours yesterday. If I would have been left to do it by myself, it would have never gotten done.


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