25 May 2012

Things I Pondered This Week When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

  • I kind of feel like this series needs a graphic. Something to break up all the words. That'll be something I work on this weekend.
  • Everyone needs to go out and buy Born & Raised. Seriously.....do it now! That album is pretty amazing.
  • Even when it is crazy hot outside, drinking hot tea makes me feel better. 
  • I'm quite certain battling a spring time cold is worse than battling one in the winter. Hence, all the tea. 
  • Maybe it's the cold medicine. Maybe it's the introspective tunes I've been listening to all week, but I'm letting Captain Random go. I know. That doesn't make much sense but it's for the best. It was never meant to be--best to cut my losses now than get my heartbroken.
  • I am really discouraged by my lack of progress with running this week, but I'll dive into that a little bit more tomorrow. 
  • They may be cheesy, cliche and utterly ridiculous, but sometimes spending a little time with a trashy romance novel is good for the soul. Although trashy romance novels about hunky alien warriors (like The Rock but better) are the best. 


  1. Your item on colds makes me think of that Matt Duke lyric -- "Summer colds never really made much sense at all ..."


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