11 May 2012

Runnin' With The Devil

Two weeks in and I'm already changing my plan for these posts.

Running this week has been..... transformative.

Until yesterday morning, I didn't realize how much, in such a short time, I came to rely on running being part of my new morning routine. I'm beginning to rethink the notion that I'm not a morning person. I really do love being out there first thing in the morning, breathing in the crisp spring air and seeing the sun come up over the lake. It's a pretty fantastic view. I am also coming to realize that I am quite capable of quieting the voices in my head telling me that I can't do this because obviously I can do it. I just need to find my zone/space and stick to it.

I took yesterday off as a "rest day" and could immediately feel a difference in how I felt, physically and emotionally.

Physically the day off was great! I definitely needed the day to rest my muscles and recharge. Emotionally though, I felt like a train wreck waiting to happen. I felt really itchy and nervous and had a hard time not getting down on myself for taking the day off. But I needed that rest day, more than I really wanted to admit.

Thankfully it didn't happen this morning, but after my runs on Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up at my car in tears, sobbing. It almost felt like a panic attack but not nearly intense. It's been weird, but I'm learning to go with it and I am very happy to say that today no tears were shed. Just a pretty overwhelming sense of calm while doing my post-run stretches by the lake. I mean seriously, how can you not love this view!

As for the actually runs, they were all pretty good (minus the crying) this week. Wednesday was the only day I really seemed to struggle, but it is also the only day this week that I didn't follow the C25K program. I went out that morning with the idea that I'd just walk, but decided that I had it in me to run. It wasn't terrible, just not as easy which I suppose is a good thing. It's nice to push yourself every now and then.

Today was my last day of Week 2 for the C25k program. Looking ahead to what Week 3 has in store for me doesn't look too terrible. I think I'll be able to handle it pretty well.

Hey look at that!! I kind of look like a runner. Can I get a "whoop! whoop!"?

Little Victories: I'm pretty excited that I've been able to keep a pretty steady pace and a pretty consistent time. I'm learning to accept the notion of a slow build and while I'm not there now, I'll eventually get to my goal pace/time. It's just going to take some work. 


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