21 May 2012

Music Monday: Shadow Days

I have done absolutely EVERYTHING I can to avoid any talk, review and/or preview of John Mayer's new album, Born & Raised which comes out tomorrow(!!!!!!!).

Why when all I have done for the last two years is complain that he needs to put out new music?

I'm a big believer that albums are meant to be listened to all the way through as a whole. Not broken up my singles that are ready made for radio or individual songs that were just thrown in for filler. And whether or not that's how he produces his albums, for me, that's how Mayer's albums listen. They tell a story from beginning to end. A progression of life lessons.

Tomorrow morning when I queue the album up for my run, when I listen to it for the first time, I don't want anyone elses thoughts about it in my head. I don't want to know that a song doesn't resonate with someone else or that he's channeling another artist or that this album is a big departure from his previous releases or whatever anyone else is saying about it. It's just unnecessary noise that I don't want in my head.

So, in honor of tomorrow release of Born and Raised, I leave with his this first single off the album Shadow Days. It took a while for this song to grow on me, but grow on me it has, even sending me into tears a time or two.


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