01 April 2012

Getting to know you.

I seriously spent an hour this morning writing up a post, reflecting on the first year of this blog.

And then I realized I'm 29 days too early. Doh!

But that's o.k.....it actually gave me an idea for a little blog project this month.

I really liked having the structure of the Three Things February project I did. It was nice to have something to think about daily and to help draw out a little "creativity" on days when it was greatly lacking.

When I did my first 365 photography project, I picked one of the months (pretty sure it was September) and did 30 days of "secrets" or little factoids about myself. It was a really fun way to share little things about myself that (new and old) friends didn't already know. I figure leading up to the actual one year birthday of my blog, this was the perfect time to do the same project here.

So, without further adieu, let's get this started!

I eat my M&M's in a very specific fashion. Some call it OCD. I call it practical and maybe a little OCD. They always have to be in even numbers and then they need to be eaten in a specific order based on color: brown, orange, yellow, red, blue green.

I know....weird right. I don't even remember when I started doing this and sure if I really wanted to, I wouldn't have to eat them in this order, but where is the fun in that!


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