14 April 2012

Things I Pondered This Week When I Should Have Been Doing Other Stuff

  • We are just going to get this out of the way......the past week kind of sucked. Not a huge fan of seeing my friends in any sort of a funk and not being able to do anything about it. 
  • The best part about the movie American Reunion....the soundtrack. 
  • I need to find someone to help finance my next tattoo. 
  • I've tried to write a post about regret at least a dozen times and I just can't get it to come out right. 
  • Kind of annoying when you start off a game of Words with Friends with a fairly decent word that uses all of your letters, only to have the friend you are playing against do the SAME EXACT THING, but with a triple word score square involved. Some day victory will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. 
  • I 've fallen a bit behind pace for completing my reading goal for the year. I'll eventually catch up.


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