07 April 2012

The Year I Lost My Mind: Part 3

I have to admit, this hasn't been the most exciting of 365 projects to ever be done, but I'm quite o.k. with that. Doing a project of all self portraits is quite daunting especially when you have to contend with real life and every other project you have whirling around in your head.

But setting all of that aside, we are nearly 100 days into the year and am still going strong. By this time last year, I was really to throw in the towel and did on day 106. I thankfully haven't come up against that wall just year (although I know it's just around the corner) but things have been very different in 2012. I mentioned the other day in one of my posts (on Flickr) that last year I had this "I don't care what anyone thinks!" attitude about my project, but this year it's a totally different ballgame. And it's mainly because of one person--but I won't go into it. Believe, I'm already annoying myself with how much I think about it, but yeah......more times than not when I'm processing a non-iPhone photo (not sure why I'm so busy this year, but three cheers for the iPhone!) I wonder what he'll think about the photograph. Weird.

Anyway.....since I haven't posted an update on the project in quite some time, I figured picking the photos to highlight would be quite difficult. Not so much. In fact, it was much easier than I had anticipated. There were quite a few standouts for me (which was good) so I went with my absolute favorites from February, March and the first week of April.

Day 50: We had a really mild winter this year which meant I was able to spend quite a bit of time at our cottage on the lake. I'm so used to only being able to do that in the summer, it was nice to get out there and enjoy the crisp winter air.
50.366 2012.2.19

Day 57: Some of the books I plan to tackle this year for my reading challenge, which at present time is at a bit of a standstill. 
57.366 2012.2.26

Day 64: One of the reasons I became a "photographer" is because I hate having my picture taken. This is also one of the reason I am doing this project. BUT.....I really love this portrait I took of myself. It feels really classic. There are more days than not that I wish the person in the photograph below was the same one I see every morning staring back at me in the mirror. Funny how a project like this can make you see yourself in a whole new light. 
64.366 2012.3.04

Day 77: Oh snap. A color photograph in a black and white project! I actually did a black and white conversion of this photograph, but just didn't love it. And besides, it would have been a waste to lose the amazing evening sun we had when I took this one. 
77.366 2012.3.17

Day 92: Sometimes you just have to go with it. 
92.366 2012.4.01

 Day 95: This was just one of those photographs to prove that I do indeed know how to smile. 
95.366 2012.4.04


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