29 April 2012

What I Read in April

I was actually thinking about skipping this post and pretending that I just "forgot" to write about all the wonderful books I read this past month. I mean, because really there were just so many that it's been really hard to keep track of them all.

Or it's because I only read ONE book this month. One tiny little 203 page book. Blech.

The book in question was Lady of Devices and no, it wasn't very good. And I really like the genre of steampunk which makes it just that much worse. 

I am having a hellava time picking out books that hold my attention for more than a few pages. I don't even know how many books I picked up this past month and attempted to read, but couldn't get past a chapter or two. Shoot, I didn't even bother updating Goodreads with was I was "currently reading" because I never managed to get very far into them before bailing on them completely. It also doesn't help that the last few books I've read have been complete duds. I'm quite sure once I find a book I really, really like, it'll get me back on track.

So, tonight I am starting (another) new book in hopes of finding something at least slightly interesting, even if it isn't much of a challenge in terms of storyline. 

Does anyone else get into a funk in terms of what they read?


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