04 August 2012

Running with the Devil

Ya'll know how I keep whining that I feel like I'm going backwards with my running and that I'm not making any progress with improving my pace and/or how far/long I'm able to run?

Don't listen to a word of it. I'm full of shit.

The Nike+ app has this wonderful feature where it logs all your runs and combines your numbers by month. Here are how my numbers stacked up for the last three months:
  • May: 39.45 miles, 14'26"/mile 
  • June: 18.2 miles, 14'15"/mile
  • July: 26.1 miles, 13'07"/mile
And just think how much better June and July would have been if I wasn't nursing a potential stress fracture in my foot!


Needless to say, seeing that my pace has progressively improved has put an end to my bitching and moaning about how terrible I am at running.

You know what else has put an end to my bitching? I have three routes that I run:
  • Route 1: Boring and straight, totally paved.
  • Route 2: Through the woods on a gravel road.
  • Route 3: A steady incline for the first half (the best part obviously is the second half is down hill) with some smaller hills. 
On Wednesday I finished a TWO MILE RUN without walking on route 3. That's right. Now only did I run the entire time without walking, there were hills involved. Boo-ya!

For August, my goal is to get myself back on track. I'd like to log more than just three runs a week. Now that my foot is healed and feeling good, I'd like to get my mileage back up to 40 miles for the month. And I'd like to keep my average pace at or below 12'30"/mile. As long as I keep the momentum going and my spirits high, I'm sure neither of those things with be an issue. 


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