07 August 2012

August Blog Star: Hi....I'm Meg!

Time to once again link-up with Mrs. Monologues Blog Star!

I used the last link-up to revamp my About Moi section of the blog. Today I thought I'd share a few (what I think might possibly be interesting) factoids about myself.
  • I am pretty sure I was born a fan of the Detroit Tigers. I have watched and loved that team through every up and down they've experienced over the last *coughcough25yearscoughcough*. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood (including the last game at Tigers Stadium) are spending weekends in Detroit with my dad while catching a series or two. With that being said......I HATE the Yankees. I'm talking to you Jeter. 
  • I am absolutely addicted to running. Despite the fact that it may seem to be the total opposite based on my Running with the Devil posts, I've become one of those annoying people who talk about their runners high all the time. 
  • Although I adore my red hair, it is far from my natural hair color. I'm actually a blonde by design. I remember throwing a temper tantrum in the hair color aisle of the drug store because my mom wouldn't let me dye my hair red. As soon as I was old enough to do it on my own, I bought a box of hair color and never looked back!
  • My first celebrity crushes belonged to Han Solo and Dan Rather. The first one I totally understand. The second, not so much. 
  • I also used to be obsessed with watching rodeo events when I was a kid. Every Saturday morning I'd pass up watching Saturday morning cartoons to watch the rodeo. 
  • My dream job is to be a stay at home mom.
  • I blame on my fear of heights on a near disastrous parasailing adventure while on vacation in Mexico. However, that hasn't deterred me from wanting to go cliff diving in the Dominican Republic when I travel there in March.
  • I am positively obsessed with making lists which is why I have not one, not two, but FIVE bucket lists. Five! Really!? Who does that? 
  • I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old. "That's what she said...." jokes get me every. single. time.
Mrs. Monologues


  1. Saying hi from the link up!
    I absolutely love being a SAHM, it's all I wanted to do for the longest time!


    1. Wanting to be a SAHM is still a relatively new revelation. I think it's safe to say my biological clock is ticking out of control. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Found you via Blog Star link-up. I'm a fellow Michiganian ... and lover of the Detroit Tigers!

    Glad I found you and will be following along :)


    1. Nice to hear from a fellow Detroit Tigers fan! This has been a fun season to see the guys playing so well.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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