28 January 2012

Things I pondered this week while I should have been doing other stuff.

  • It doesn't seem to matter how natural the smile is, I always end up looking like an idiot when I smile in photographs.
  • First I started making necklaces and now I'm making rings?! Who am I? 
  • Now that I have found a photolab for my 120 film, I can finally get my Film 26 photos developed.
  • I don't understand the appeal of keeping score. No ones perfect. Accept it, be the bigger person and move on.
  • Tiny Tower is a ridiculous game that is highly addictive. 
  • I'm starting to branch out in terms of color in my wardrobe. I bought some items of clothing that are blue! Baby steps, it's all about baby steps.
  • Since everyone keeps asking---YES, I will do a blog post on my anit-weightloss plan and the answer to everyone elses question, it is 17. 


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