22 January 2012

Things I pondered this week while I should have been doing other stuff.

Whoops...I'm a day late. I was a little wrapped up in another project last night and time managed to get away from me. = )

  • Dropping a roll of undeveloped film into the mail to spend some time at the lab is really stressful, especially when you aren't quite sure what is on the roll of film. Lake Michigan? Chicago? Mexico?! It's really anyone's guess. 
  • I hate to admit it, but upon further thought, I'm not nearly as excited about a potential Mayer concert/tour as I feel like I should be. I'm almost thinking about sitting this one out.
  • Part of me wants to write a post to clear up any misconceptions (there seem to be a lot of them) as to why I have decided to follow a vegan diet, but a bigger part of me feels like it shouldn't really matter to anyone else why I am doing it.
  • The world needs more t.v. shows about spies.
  • I've concluded, the worst part about winter driving---douchebag drivers who tail gate. If I can't see your headlights in my rear view mirror, you are too close and need to back the fuck off! 
  • It should be painfully obvious by now that this (this being my overall blog) has little, ACTUAL direction but I like it that way. It's how my brain works.
  • I firmly believe that whatever you put out into the universe, it will return to you, ten fold. 


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