16 January 2012

A Girls Best Friend

Today is my dog Sadie's honorary birthday. She is 14.

I "adopted" (for the lack of a better term) Sadie six years after my uncle passed away. At the time, I always felt like I was saving her from a somewhat unknown future, but in the end this little dog saved me.

Sadie in one of her winter jackets.
She's the best dog a girl could ask for......she is cranky, suffers from a major case of selective hearing loss, hates other dogs, likes to talk to you when you're not giving her enough attention, snores like a freight train, thinks she's hot stuff when she puts on her winter jacket and/or scarf, loves to cuddle, loves her snacks more and makes me laugh on a daily basis. I can't imagine life without her by my side.

It's snack time! We have a daily routine that must not be deviated from--I come home from work, she goes outside to do her business and then it's time to come inside for her snack.
She will gladly let me know if I've forgotten snack time or she feels like she has had enough snacks. 


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