07 January 2012

Things I pondered this week while I should have been doing other stuff.

  • After a slight evaluation, I've decided to adjust my reading goal for 2012 to 52 books instead of 60. One book a week is totally possible, especially when it includes reading books like The Child Thief. I am absolutely fascinated by the story. I plan on spending a great deal of time with that book this weekend. 
  • The winter blues have arrived. The last few days (compounded with a really frustrating couple of days at work) have been exceptionally bad. Thankfully though, I know this will all eventually pass like it does every other year. Here it to hoping that it passes sooner than later.
  • Even though it's only January, I've already started plotting my summer garden and I can't wait to get started!
  • I am fascinated with the story of Peter Pan--not the Disney version, but the original version written by James Barrie.
  • Concurring tofu this week was a MAJOR accomplishment. I'm really doing forward to doing some more experimenting with it. Next on my list to conquer---seitain. 


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