01 September 2011

So long Cow!

Ahhh.....the first day of a new month! What a perfect time to start working on making some changes.

This is actually one of the items on my bucket list and I have done it in the past, it's just not stuck. But regardless of the past failed attempts, we're going to give it another go........giving up meat. I hesitate to say that I'm going to go full on vegetarian at this point. Baby steps. It's all about baby steps. And yes I should technically be cutting out all dairy, too, considering I'm allergic to it (but cheese is sooooooo good!) but not so fast.

So, I'm starting small. No meat for 30 days and then I'll take out the dairy and eggs (ooh.....do eggs really fall under dairy or would that be considered meat since they are really baby chickens?! You'll never look at an egg the same way again, will you.....WILL YOU!) but I flat out refuse to give up honey. That is just not going to happen....period.

Why am I doing this? The same reason everyone else who is a vegetarian is doing it: a healthier life style, better for the environment, etc. But it is also going to open up an entirely new world of food and cooking for me, which I am quite excited about. I am looking forward to dusting off the cookbooks and doing a little experimentation!


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