10 September 2011

O Photography, how I have missed thee

Orchid at 2 Lads Winery
Having surgery this summer totally threw me off my photography game. I can count on one hand how many times I picked up my camera for fun since 7/1/11. To me, that is absolutely insane considering I completed two 365 projects back to back (including one that I started at the beginning of this year but bailed after 106 days). I mean seriously, that is a LOT of photographs.

Chateau Grand Traverse
Today, after debating with myself as to whether or not I should bring my camera with me, I gave in and dragged it along with me to my friends bachelorette party/winery tour. That was by far, one of the best decisions I have made in quite a long time. It felt so good to not only have my camera in my hands again but to also look at the world a little differently. And to be able to capture things I wanted to capture and not what the client wants me to capture. It was also quite nice to not really take a photograph of a single person today.

2 Lads
Today also confirmed for me how much I truly love the medium of photography and that I really need, not just want but need to get back in the habit of shooting more for myself. I need to get back into using this as a way to stretch my creative legs and to create something beautiful, even if the subject is more than a little mundane. Trust me. I'm not starting another project (although I have toyed with the idea of doing another 365 when I get my new gear) but I'm definitely going to be shooting more and possible sharing what I've captured. What good is a photograph if it just sits on my hard drives (that's not a typo) taking up space?

Old Mission Peninsula 


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