11 September 2011

Apparently I'm not busy enough

I don't know when I began o.k. with having a ridiculously full plate but that is how things are going right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally grateful. It's just that sometimes I wonder if I'm built for this kind of "busy".

To the point.....This past week I received a promotion at work. Can I get a whoop! whoop! With the promotion comes a bit more responsibility (obviously) but also comes with a little more of a confirmation for myself that this is an area of work I find to be fascinating.

For those who don't know, I work in human resources. I know--but it's true! I actually work in a human resources off and trust me, I am the least "hr" in the office. But it's good. This job feeds my need for things to be relatively unpredictable and life in HR is just that. You just never quite know what is going to come across your desk.

Like I said, I am preparing to take on a little bit more to my schedule as a direct result of my promotion. I've been pondering it for a while, but after chatting with my boss about it, I have decided to go for my PHR certification. Thankfully there are no classes to attend, but on the flip slide it's just a test. One, really long, multiple choice test. Blech--I don't do well on tests. But that's o.k. I've already ordered the study guide. I've made my list of study supplies that I need to purchase (fresh highlighters, index cards, etc.) and am mentally preparing to tackle the challenge ahead of me!


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