03 September 2011

18 Day Challenge

Giving yourself room to bloom.

I mentioned something about this the other day or at least I think I did. It may have been in a previous draft that didn't really see the light of day. Regardless, I am most definitely going through something (I think it is fascinating that others have seen it in me before I saw it in myself). I don't know what it is or what brought it on, but it is definitely there like an unwanted stranger following me around everywhere I go---you know when you are walking down the street and feel like someone is walking behind you and it kind of freaks you out? That's how this feels--all the time. A little bit creepy but mostly annoying and extremely frustrating.

In an attempt to figure out what is going on and work through it all, I'm taking on an 18 Day Challenge. The idea from doing the challenge came from LOVEronica and even though I'm starting MONTHS after it was posted, it's better late than never.

Starting tomorrow, for a minimum of fifteen minutes, first thing in the morning (even before my morning mediation), I'll do a session of free form writing--putting anything and everything that comes to mind down on paper. Letting it all come up. And when my time is up, I'll crinkle the paper up and burn it. No re-reading what I wrote. No sharing what I wrote. But most importantly--no judging what I wrote.

If nothing else, I am hoping the process will at least help me get out all the toxic thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, everything I have been unnecessarily carrying around with me. None of is it useful or helping me with anything. It's just extra funk taking up space and it's time to release it.


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