24 December 2011

A list of suggestions

I am too much of a commitmentphobe to actually make and stick with any resolutions for the New Year. BUT, last year I made a list of suggested resolutions for myself (which I no longer have because they were posted on a blog that no longer exists---whoops!) and I think it went o.k. so I decided to do the same thing this year in a format which looks dangerously close to an actual list of New Year Resolutions.

New Year Suggestions for 2012

  • Keep on reading! In 2011, I read 54 books, which was just 6 short of my goal of 60 books read. I'm keeping the goal number the same again this year and am keeping my fingers crossed that I actually hit the magic number!
  • Save! Save! Save! My rainy day fund needs to be kicked up a notch.
  • Embrace my inner-resourcefulness. I am quite thankful I inherited my moms craftiness and plan on putting it to good use this year. I've already started making my own body scrubs, today I made my own air-freshener (I will admit though that as much as I love tea tree oil, I may have overdone it a bit and might need a re-do) and even started to do a little research on a sewing machine purchase. 
  • Get cooking, vegan style. Since giving up most animal products this fall, I have felt AMAZING and am quickly moving towards my goal of getting off all my medication (can I get a whoop! whoop!) but still have some work to do. I really do think it is time to totally go vegan. It's on my bucket list and I really think in the long run it is the best thing for myself. So, the quest begins for new cookbooks and recipes to try out and hopefully share on my cooking blog!
  • Do more yoga.
  • Refocus my meditation practice.
  • Start running (again). Before giving in to McDreamy's recommendation to have surgery (which by the way, up until I slipped on the ice last week had totally worked wonders), I managed to finish three weeks of the nine week Couch to 5k program. This year (once the snow and ice have gone away) I'd really like to finish the whole program and actually run a 5k. 
  • Shoot more film. I absolutely love my Olympus OM-10 camera, I just need to spend more time with it. 


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