21 July 2013

Sunday Confessions: Something's Missing

Picture This: Over the last couple of weeks, my camera has been put to good use. First at a family photoshoot and then at a concert. I've also been reminded of how much I miss taking photographs on a somewhat regular basis. It's just that it can be so time consuming at times and that is when I start to hate it again. I need to figure out some kind of a balance so that I don't feel like it's a burden.

Live Music: This summer started off as the summer without any concerts on my calendar and it was making me quite sad. Music, especially life music, is part of my soul and without it, I feel like I'm missing part of what I am. But I am very happy to say that this is no longer the case. And the best part about it is that my summer concert series opened with Michael Franti & Spreadhead and will end with Michael Franti & Spearhead! How fun is that?

Controversial: I've been working out a few posts that will are breaking the "don't write about anything too controversial" and "too personal" rules of blogging. But to not post them because of those rules seems disingenuous.

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  1. I'm of the opinion that those "too personal" and "too controversial" rules are for people with no guts. Do it!

  2. I just told an emailer off in my last blog post. It was great! So liberating. So I vote do it! The worthwhile readers (like me! And Nikkiana!) will still be here giving you the love you deserve!


  3. I'm with Nikkiana... POST THEM!!! I want to read them. :)

  4. I loved your response to the email you received. It was very well done. I just worry I'm not articulate enough to get my point across sometimes.

  5. Oh, they are a comin'! I just need to release them from my notebook.

  6. No guts, no glory right!


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