03 July 2013

One Item

The other day, John Mayer posted on this Tumblr blog, One Forty Plus about his "new favorite game"  Bout. I've yet to check it out but I think the "question" he posed was pretty fascinating:

I have to confess, I found the question to be absolutely fascinating and decided to play along.

Side note: Do any of you ever think to yourself "You know, if Celebrity X and I were friends, we'd have so much fun together!" No? Just me. Moving on.

If I could take one item into a dream it would be a pair of chopsticks.

I know. I know. Chopsticks? Hear me out!
  • I could use them to eat at all the swanky restaurants I might visit in my dreams.
  • I'd use them to knock out a killer beat while living life as a bad ass drummer.
  • I may even connect them into one giant light saber while defeating Darth Vader.
  • They'd become nun-chucks in an epic battle against ninja warriors hell bent on revenge.
  • I'd paint beautiful dream scapes.
  • Maybe build a house.
  • And conduct a symphony orchestra.
What item would you take with you into a dream?

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