23 January 2013

Weekly Reads

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
I'm beginning to realize that my definition of things is vastly different than the majority. I'm starting to feel like I'm either seriously screws up in the head or the collective conscious of pop culture has a secret agreement to just accept the popular watered down version of "creepy", "scandalous", "heinous", "thrilling", etc.

As with Sharp Objects, I didn't really feel like this was as much of a psychological thriller. It had its moments, but I've definitely read better when it comes to this particular genre.

With that being said, Flynn does have a style of writing that draws you in and keeps you interested. This was definitely a book I could pick up, thinking I'd read a chapter or two before bed and before I knew it, it was 2am and I nearly finished half the book.

The story is about the Day family and moves between present day and a day in January  that forever changed their lives. Flynn does a wonderful job of moving between both time frames and creating a group of characters that you end up either pulling at your heart strings or that you dislike. But in the end, you are on their side and just want to know the truth about what happened.


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