13 January 2013

Sunday Confessions: Winter Blues, Reading Drought, Technology Faux Pas

Winter Blues: I've been sick with this bloody cold for long enough. I'm sick of having to survive on a steady dose of tea, orange juice, and cucumbers (who knew that really cold slices of cucumber would make a scratchy throat feel better!) followed by shots of DayQuil and NyQuil. It needs to find another host (I've also been watching a lot of end of the world, aliens taking over, apocalypse type movies) and move on. 

Reading Drought: I always feel a bit bad when I read a book that a friend highly recommends because they really enjoyed it and I end up not liking it. This is where I am currently at, post book let down worried about picking up another for fear that it doesn't resonate with me or I can't "get into it".

Inappropriate Technology Use: I'll be the first to admit that I hate talking on the phone. Need to get a hold of me or want to make plans to hang out, send me an email or text. But for the love of all that is holy, if it is something important.....CALL. Twice now I've been informed of someones passing because of social media and not because someone felt it was important enough to just pick up the dang phone and call. 


  1. Feel better!
    And as far as books go you can never go wrong with a classic like Joyce, Hemingway or Fitzgerald <3

  2. Bleh, I'm starting to get my boyfriend's winter sickness and it is no fun :/ I will have to try the cucumber trick!


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