30 January 2013

Weekly Reads: Blues Highway Blues

Blues Highway Blues by Eyre Price

One of the best things about having friends who love books as much as I do, is that sometimes you are lucky enough that they pass along a title you wouldn't have otherwise found and it ends up being an fantastic read.

This is how I came to read the book Blues Highway Blues  I came back from lunch to find it sitting on my desk at work. A friend graciously let me borrow his (signed) copy of the book to read and I am oh so glad he did.

It's been a long time since I read anything that had me hooked within the first chapter (I'm super judgy, if I'm not even slightly interested by the end of the first chapter, I'm likely to bail on the whole thing), let along the first paragraph.

Blues Highway Blues is about Daniel, a washed up music executive who tries to do business with the wrong guy and finds himself on the mother of all scavenger hunts, traveling cross country, following the path of the blues to save not only himself but his son Zack.

There are some great twists and turns along the way (some predictable but most of them not) and for this lover of the blues, I love all the history and trivia of the blues and even music in general peppered into the plot. I've even suggested to friends that at some point we should take the same road trip, minus the gangsters, murders and crazy hit-man.


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