16 January 2013

Weekly Reads

I am once again struggling to find books that I connect with or even want to continue reading. It's been a bit disappointing to start books that have been on my to read list for quite a long time only to set it down after a chapter or two without any intention of picking the book back up again.

It also doesn't help that I have been stricken with the plague a really bad cold making my somewhat sketchy attention span that much shorter and the following "reviews" not terribly helpful.

Over the last couple of weeks I have started but did not finish the following titles:
The Awakening by Kate Chopin
Savage Cinderella by PJ Sharon
Yesterdays News by Kaja Ingemarsson
The Trouble with Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan

It's somewhat of an oddity that I've even finished a book!

A Different Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 5) by Deborah Geary
I really love this series. It's not so much about "witching" but about family and community. On the surface it's a pretty cheesy premise but I've come to really look forward to the tales of those involved in Witch Central and the new characters introduced in each new installment. This time around though, the introduction of new characters in this one seemed a bit forced and unrealistic. Call it an overwhelming sense of loyalty to the main characters on my part or the forced notion of acceptance from the author, it was a bit over the top.

A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes #1) by Arthur Conan Doyle
I love all things Holmes related. I vaguely remember readings the Holmes series as a kid so I am very excited to read them as an adult. A Study in Scarlet is a great introduction to the mind of Holmes and his side-kick Watson.

Straight to Hell by Michelle Scott
This was a really quick read. As much as I hate to admit it, it made my cry (no, I'm not blaming this on having a cold either). And it also threw my love of Mr. Darcy into a bit of a tailspin (yes, the Mr. Darcy). Despite the category this book falls under, there isn't a lot of romance and the paranormal aspect is pretty minimal.

An Unwanted Hunger by Ciana Stone
To be fair....I don't even remember buying this book. It was downright awful. The premise, I suppose could be considered interesting if not overdone. Vampires....excuse me, Vampyres being hunted down by those who are trained to do so from birth only to fall for the hero of the story and blah blah blah. There was no back story (although there wasn't much room for one considering how short this was), things moved very quickly and wrapped up way too quickly--it literally just ended.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
I always feel a bit bad when I don't love a book as much as the friend who recommended it. That is how I feel about Sharp Objects. Don't get me wrong--it was a good read. It kept me interested (which is no small task) and I had finished it before I knew it. But it seemed a bit predictable to me. The relationship between Adora and her daughters was a little too obvious. The behavior of Amma and Camille had me shaking my head on more than one occasion  And the ending didn't really come with much of a surprise. 


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